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Flying with Barossa Helicopters

Check in:

Checking in, you will need to provide the following information: full name, home address, phone number and individual weight.

Payment method: EFTPOS, cash or voucher.

If you are using a gift voucher (either a one of ours or one of our suppliers) the voucher must be presented to redeem your flight.


There are always some boring parts to an otherwise amazing tour!!

All hats, bags, scarves or any other loose items WILL be staying on the ground – cameras are fine to take but please leave camera bags behind.

All aspects of YOUR safety will be covered in a safety briefing video or verbal by one of our staff. Please listen carefully!

Boarding Helicopter:

You will be escorted to the helicopter by one of our ground crew – who will at this point also determine where you will be seated. Seating arrangements will be allocated according to you and your friends / family whom are flying with you.

Once out at the helicopter, our ground crew will show you where to stand next to the helicopter for a picture – WITH YOUR CAMERA!

Once inside the Chopper:

Our crew will help you to ensure your seatbelt is done up correctly and is secure. You will also be shown how to wear your headset, which is there to provide communication between passengers and the pilot.

Everything in the Green & Good to Go:

Once you are all ready to take-off – your pilot will explain to you how and which direction they will head off in. Remember your pilot has done this many times and if you feel a little un-easy please tell your pilot and they will be able to talk you through the process as its all happening.

On your tour, your pilot will point out some famous landmarks and icons throughout the Barossa Valley. If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to ask!!!

Arriving back at Base:

Once back on the ground after a smooth landing our ground crew will come over to the helicopter and open your doors – so please make sure you do not touch the doors or exit the helicopter without our crew.

* When getting in (and out) of the helicopter, please be careful to NOT lean on the doors – they are fragile and easily damaged.

On your way out:

Once you have left the helicopter and are back in the reception we have a visitor’s book if you wish to make any comments at all.

If you are staying in the Barossa Valley our crew are able to help you with directions to your next destination of the day or possibly suggest a winery to visit for lunch.


Feel free to browse the souvenirs or hang around for a coffee and snack.

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