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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Barossa Helicopters an accredited operator?

    YES. We are AAA Tourism accredited, Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved and have all the necessary public liability insurances.


  • What should we wear?

    The helicopters can get quite hot during the Aussie summer months and cooler during the winter months, so dress comfortably.

    If you plan to take photographs we recommend darker colours to reduce any window reflections.
    Ladies please wear flatter shoes.

    Hats or bags are not allowed to be worn in or around the helicopters as they can fly up into the rotors and damage the aircraft. We will be happy to hold any hats or bags for you until you return from your tour.


  • Can I take a camera?

    Yes, We encourage you to bring your camera or movie camera to help you remember your fabulous time at Barossa Helicopters.


  • Do you recommend taking an anti-motion sickness medication?

    This is a scenic tour, not a thrill ride. Most people do not experience motion sickness and do not need an anti-motion sickness medication.

    Our flights are very smooth and turns are slow and gentle.

    If you are particularly prone to motion sickness an anti-motion sickness medication is a good idea.


  • When is the best time to fly?

    It is wise to book a tour early in your stay, that way if your pilot determines that weather conditions on a particular day are not the best for your tour, you will have some options for re-scheduling.

    As far as the best time of day for a helicopter tour you should consider your personal schedule.

    Most of the time we have nice weather; during summer it can get quite hot, so it is best to schedule your flight for early morning. If we happen to have rainy weather, the pilot will consult the Bureau of Meteorology and determine if it will be safe to fly.

    We do not take our guests on a tour unless we are certain we can give you an excellent experience. Apart from not being enjoyable rain does damage the helicopters blades.

    The pilots decision is final, whatever the occasion.


  • How much experience do your pilots/ground crew have?

    All pilots at Barossa Helicopters have a high level of flying experience and local knowledge.

    Our ground crew have also been involved with Barossa Helicopters for a very long time; they are very experienced in all aspects of loading and unloading passengers and or cargo.


  • How long has Barossa Helicopters been in business?

    The company began in the late 80’s. We ARE South Australia’s oldest helicopter company, flying many thousands of hour’s/ clients accident and incident free.


  • Does Barossa Helicopters offer flights that are not primarily for scenic viewing?

    Yes, We are a helicopter charter company. Besides scenic tour flights, we also offer transport to the corporate sector – or anyone who has a limited amount of time to complete their work. We are highly experienced in still photography, movie filming as well as aerial surveys. In addition to tours over the Barossa Valley by air, we will fly you where you want to go, at whatever time you prefer, provided our equipment and personnel are available.


  • What are Barossa Helicopters hours of operation?

    We open for business at 9 am and close at 4:30 pm, Australian Central Standard Time.

    However, if your needs do not fit into our standard hours we are happy to fly anytime, by arrangement and aircraft availability. Bookings are essential on weekends. We don’t want you to miss out!!!


  • Will we be the only ones in the helicopter?

    Yes, you will be the only passengers in the helicopter. We do not join groups.


  • Is there an age limit?

    No, there are no age restrictions. However, each passenger MUST be between the minimum of 15kg and maximum of 130kg.


  • Can I fly while pregnant?

    Yes – the decision to fly at any stage of your pregnancy is entirely up to the individual.


  • Are the helicopters air-conditioned or heated?



  • Are there weight limits?

    Yes, each helicopter has an individual seat limit and an all up weight limits. If you or a person flying with you is near the 120 kg please call to discuss your flight.


  • How is the seating arranged?

    The Robinson R44 is a 3 passenger helicopter. Seating is assigned according to our weight and balance calculations.

    We cannot guarantee specific seating as it depends on the weight and balance of all the guests booked on a particular flight. Visibility for all passengers is excellent as there is no separating bulkhead to obscure the sweeping view for each seat.


  • Are we guaranteed to see all of the sights mentioned in your tour descriptions?

    You will see every point of interest mentioned in the tours, if weather permits.