Experience the breathtaking scenery of the remote South Australian Landscape and one of the largest open cut coal mines in Australia.

Situated on the northern end of the Flinders Ranges, Leigh Creek is a picturesque town on the edge of the desert with an annual rainfall of 205 mm! Our 4min – 20 min helicopter flights offer phenomenal views of open cut coal mines, remote townships and of course, Leigh Creek.

Leigh Creek’s original purpose was to house the workers and their families who were the workforce of the huge Leigh Creek open cut coal mine, which is 22km north of the town. The population of the town drastically reduced when the coal mine was close in 2015. At the time, Leigh Creek was a modern mining town with a modern shopping centre, neat modern roads, attractive plots of land which standard modern houses had been built.

Leigh Creek has always been considered a closed mining tow, however, in the last 10 years, the town has opened its doors to welcome tourism. When the coal mine was closed in 2015, there were about 300 residents living in Leigh Creek. Today it is back to approx 100 residents.

Looking for something to do in Leigh Creek?

There are many things to see and experience around Leigh Creek! From the 19th April 2019, our experienced helicopter pilots will be offering scenic helicopter flights from the Leigh Creek Airport.

There are also significant facilities in the area including an olympic sized swimming pools, a sprung floor stadium, accommodation and many other tourist attractions.


The 4 minute flight provides a bird’s eye view of the Leigh Creek town ship established in the 1980’s to support the workers and families of the huge open cut coal mine to the north of the town. This flight also captures the beauty of the immediate surrounding South Australian landscape.

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The 10 minute flight takes off from the Leigh Creek airport and abeam the town of Copley 5km to the north, providing a magnificent view of both townships and the surrounding remote South Australian landscape. You will than fly directly over the western side of the spectacular Leigh Creek Coal mine which bean commercial mining in 1943, before heading back to the airport.

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The 15 minute flight departs the Leigh Creek airport, flying past the township established in the 1980’s and takes you directly overhead the small community Copley. From Copley you will be on your way to explore the extraordinary eastern side of the abandoned Leigh Creek coal mine which began service in 1943. The leg home encapsulates the true beauty of the vast South Australian landscape before landing back at the airport.

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The 20 minute flight takes off from the Leigh Creek airport flying past the township of Leigh Creek providing a phenomenal view of the mining support town from the air. Flying overhead the country town of Copley you will make your way to the magnificent abandoned open cut coal mine. The 20 minute flight encapsulates the entirety of the remarkable abandoned site which began commercial trading in 1943. The journey back to base departs the western side of the mine providing an astonishing view of the remote South Australian outback.

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